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Friday, August 31, 2007




White rice: 125 gm

Milk: 1 litre

Sugar: 250 gm

Silver leaves: 2 or 3

Saffron: A few stigmas

Cooking Method

Cooking Method

The Steps:

Pre - Preparation :

1) Soak rice for 12 hrs or so, in a litre of water.

2) Drain all water, and let all outer moisture dry up by spreading

the soaked rice for 10 or 15 mins, on a dry cloth.

3) Crush the soaked softened rice into a meal, by rubbing between hands or grinding.

4) Keep the meal aside in a plate.

Preparation :

Boil the milk.

1) Add the rice meal and go on stirring with a ladle, till it is

cooked into a thick pasty homogeneous pudding.

2) Add sugar. Stir and cook for another 5 mins.

3) Pour into small glass or metallic bowls or plates, to cool and set. 4) For serving, fresh baked clay plates or cups, are usually used.

5) These impart a special aroma to the custard.

6) Decorate each bowl or plate or cup, with a piece of silver leaf

in the middle of the top and spread 2 or 3 wet stigmas of saffron

around the leaf.

Left - Over Ideas :

1) Deep fry cubed bread till golden brown.

2) Top with a spoon of firni, garnish with chopped pista.

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